A Holistic Approach to Combating High Blood Pressure

There has been much discussion about holistic medicine and taking “ a holistic approach” to the treatment of many diseases. The use of the word simply means that instead of treating the different parts of the body individually, acknowledging that there are connections between everything that goes on in the body are related. The Hibloderox System is one way to holistically approach the problem of high blood pressure.


Causes And Cures

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, has both internal and external causes. In order to treat the problem successfully, the solutions must also come from inside and outside of the body. Among the possible solutions are diet, exercise, vitamin and other supplements, and establishing a quality sleep regimen.

These various solutions are connected to the causes of the problem. For example, a diet that is high in salt and fat can contribute to high blood pressure, so a possible solution is reducing the amount of salt and fat in a person’s diet. This is an external problem outside of the body that has a direct effect on the inside of the body. The holistic approach does not try to disconnect high blood pressure from the lifestyle of the person.

Medical doctors are increasingly using holistic approaches in their professional practices. Instead of simply prescribing a drug that will combat the problem, the patient is given additional instructions to change their lifestyle to maximize the benefit of the medication. Yet more and more doctors are realizing that changing the behavior of the patient will prevent the onset of many diseases. This is another example in the changes of attitude towards holistic medicine.

The Hibloderox System takes the holistic approach seriously and is designed for people who have or want to prevent getting high blood pressure. It is known that aging itself increases a person’s blood pressure, but a slight increase does not mean that high blood pressure is inevitable. Taking action sooner rather than later is one sure way of adding years to your life.

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