Even Mild Hypertension Significantly Increases the Risk of Stroke

Huge study suggests that examined more than half a million people. Until now, researchers believed that only high blood pressure can cause a stroke.
Treatment – by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Slightly higher blood pressure? Already in danger as opposed to whether that only high blood pressure puts us in danger, a new study finds that even mild hypertension increases the risk of stroke. The new study reported in the journal Neurology new sheet.

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Risk: Even higher values ​​of blood pressure

Researchers from the University of California reviewed the findings from 12 different studies Dealt with hypertension and included 518 520 patients.
The studies lasted between three to 32 years.
The rate of hypertension lightest range from 25% to 46%.
The study showed that mild hypertension (pre-hypertension), increases the risk of stroke by 55%, compared to those with normal blood pressure.
Also found that among people aged less than 65 blood pressure above the normal increased the risk by 68%, compared to those with normal blood pressure.
As blood pressure rose – to an increased risk of stroke.
“Has long been known hypertension closely related to complications of injury to the heart and blood vessels,” says Dr. Elkayam, a specialist in internal medicine and hypertension. “Dangerous and dramatic effect on the quality of life is stroke.
This risk rises sharply as blood pressure increases. ”
According to Dr. Elkayam normal blood pressure, 120/80, were determined based on numerous studies, it is known that there is an increase stroke when the blood pressure but its upper limit is. “The question of whether to treat such cases is overweight,” says Dr. Elkayam.

“In some patients the adult intensive therapy may worsen the condition and cause side effects.”
What, then, these solutions have high blood pressure defined as normal, but are in the upper limit?
“It seems we do not have a better remedy a healthy lifestyle,” states Dr. Elkayam. “Diet, low salt, strict weight and regular exercise and not smoking are the solution.
In certain situations, when your doctor thinks it is high risk, he will have to consider medication when blood pressure values ​​are on the verge of the norm. ”

Reviews: About a quarter of the population in western countries have high blood pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure that blood exerts on the walls of the arteries in which it flows. It is expressed in two values: the higher (systolic) refers to arterial pressure generated as a result of cardiac contraction, and the lower (diastolic) represents the pressure in the arteries while the heart is at rest, while loosening the ventricles, immediately before the next contraction. Both values ​​are measured
Numerically according millimeters of mercury. As mentioned above, the average blood pressure is considered normal is 120/80. Hypertension is defined values ​​140/90 or higher.

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It is estimated that about a quarter of the people in western countries suffer from hypertension – a rate similar to that measured in the United States. Every year revealed another 70 thousand people suffering from the disease. Incidence of the disease increases with age: in young adults in their 30s prevalence of hypertension is approximately 10%, while more than 75% of those aged 75 and over suffer from hypertension.

Hypertension develops in the body for years without clues that, and significantly increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, including heart attack and stroke. For this reason it is important to diagnose the time of hypertension and its effective treatment. Age 40 and older is recommended to measure your blood pressure at least once a year. If hypertension discovered the doctor will start repeating measurements and diagnosis of diseases that may cause this.

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