Forget Drugs: Beer Protects from Heart Diseases and Blood Pressure

Beer hibloderox remedyAccording to a study conducted in Spain, drinking beer can be good for health, protect against heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.
If until now we thought that it causes us to become obese, a new study conducted in Barcelona confirms that not only does not cause belt breakage fat around the waist – but is even better health. All this provided you watch your quantity, of course.

Dr. Ramon Astroc hospital “Hospital Clinic” in Barcelona, ​​and Dr. Rosa Lemuel Department of Nutrition of the University of Barcelona, ​​conducted a study in which participated more than 1,200 – people. All subjects were men and women aged 57 and older – an age at which the level of risk of heart problems.

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Some of the subjects lost weight

All study participants were fed a Mediterranean menu accompanied by beer drinking quantity of a quarter to half a liter per day. “They not only got fat, but some even lost weight ‭,” the study authors said.

According to Dr. Samuel, beer is a fermented beverage receiving the nutritional value of his cereal from which it is produced, just as the wine gets the good qualities of the grapes. Beer also contains folic acid, vitamins, iron and calcium, each of these together mean “protective effect” on the heart.

According to the researchers, beer lovers – rigorously controlled water course – reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and enjoy a low body fat index.

You can drink beer in a quantity of up to half a liter a day and enjoy its benefits. Condition, the researchers add, is accompanying balanced meal as we suggest on the Hibloderox Remedy program, and the accompanying normal life routine physical activity.

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