6 Herbs That Lower High Blood Pressure

Since ages, humankind has been using herbs not only as food but also to cure oneself of niggling health issues. Blood pressure too can be checked by consuming specific herbs. These can be consumed directly or as supplements if one so chooses.

Herbs that lower blood pressure

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Index Summary Table of Herbs for Hypertension

No.HerbImageHerb PropertiesScore
1Basilbasil for blood pressureLowers the levels of endothelins which are proteins that constrict blood vessels97
2CinnamonCinnamon lower blood pressureLowering blood pressure by controlling blood sugar levels96
3CardamomCardamom Herb Lower Blood PressureContains several blood clot-preventing components that help to lower hypertension97
4GarlicGarlic - Herbs for Blood PressureThe active ingredient allicin consistently lead to reduction in blood pressure95
5HawthornHawthorn Herb for blood pressureComponent in hawthorn called Proanthocyanidin cause blood vessels to relax97
6CeleryCelery for blood pressureContains the ingredient phytochemicals which relax the artery walls96

Blood pressure and hypertension afflict every other person these days, and the reason for this, of course, is our fast-paced modern lives. People are too busy in the pursuit of money and think nothing of popping a pill to relieve them of the multiple ailments that they seem to be busy with.

While this may seem all very well, the fact of the matter is that dependence on chemical based drugs cannot be good for our bodies in the long run. So what one should do is try and deal with the problem of lifestyle ailments like blood pressure naturally.

List of Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure Reviews

#1 – Basil


Basil is a herb known to all of us and has been used in food preparations for the longest time. Basil extract is known to temporarily lower blood pressure.

In a recent study in China, they speculate that basil lowers the levels of endothelins which are proteins that constrict blood vessels.

It, therefore, may be a good idea to start using basil in your food preparations regularly. This can easily be added to things we consume every day like soups, salads, pasta, etc.

#2 – Cinnamon

Cinnamon for blood pressure

Cinnamon is again a herb that we are all familiar with. In fact, the consumption of cinnamon is known to lower blood pressure in those who are suffering from diabetes.
Again it would be an excellent idea to include it in one’s daily meals. It can be used with cereals, curries, stir fried recipes, etc.

#3 – Cardamom


Cardamom is a popular herb from India which is again known to reduce blood pressure significantly if consumed daily. Cardamom powder and seeds can be used in our daily preparations like soups and stews adding subtle flavoring to the food while benefiting our health.
Cardamon contains several blood clot-preventing components that help to lower hypertension.

#4 – Garlic

Garlic and blood pressure

Garlic is one herb that is quite magical in its ability to allow the vessels to relax and dilate and thereby reduce blood pressure. Possibly one of the reasons why the population inhabiting the regions near the Mediterranean Sea has healthier hearts than others!
In a meta-analysis, it comes out that the active ingredient allicin consistently led to reductions in blood pressure!

#5 – Hawthorn


The Chinese see something magical in Hawthorn, a herb they have been using in traditional Chinese medicines for thousands of years. One can consume this as an extract, or in the shape of tea. It has the properties of not only reducing blood pressure but also increasing circulation, thereby boosting cardiovascular health.

A component in Hawthorn called proanthocyanidin seems to cause relaxing of the blood vessels all over the body and helps in reducing high blood pressure

#6 – Celery


Celery seeds which are a diuretic substance help lower hypertension and have long been used in China to reduce blood pressure. The fact that it can be used extensively in soups, stews, casseroles, etc., means that it can and should find a permanent place on one’s kitchen shelf.

Celery relax the muscle tissue in the artery walls, enabling increased blood flow, this mechanism is done via the ingredient phytochemicals (a.k.a. phthalides), that is found in abounded in celery

Thus, we see that there are any number of traditional herbs from all over the world that are useful for regulating blood pressure.

So instead of becoming dependent upon drugs for it, one might try and incorporate these magic herbs in our daily diet.

This will not only make for some tasty meals but also provide substantial health benefits in the bargain.

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