Hypertension Natural Treatment

Hypertension is the bane of modern times and billions are spent on drugs and medication to cure it or relieve one of its symptoms.

But is medication the only way to tackle this menace? Shouldn’t one be looking at the reasons for hypertension and try and deal with that?
In a sense easily available medication prevents one from dealing with the problem holistically.

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Reducing Stress is a Hypertension Natural Treatment

So how does one treat hypertension with natural treatment without resorting to the use of drugs or medicine?
By treating it naturally using the hibloderox remedy system.
Hypertension or high blood pressure is the outcome of stress, which as we all know is all too common in today’s fast paced life.
There is enough medical research and empirical evidence available that show that regular moderate physical activity and the practice of techniques such as meditation, yoga Q and Ti Chi have a moderating influence on one’s stress levels.
If one is regular in practicing any of these, one will soon see that there is far less stress in life, and one’s blood pressure gradually returns to normal.

Hypertension Natural Treatment
Hypertension Complications

Eliminate Junk Food to Lower High Blood Pressure

Another bane of modern living is the free availability of processed and refined food.
This has dealt a death knell to the old practices of eating food that did not burden one’s heart and arteries. Almost everything that one eats is laden with fat, sugar and salt.
This is one of the very significant reasons for even youngsters showing signs of hypertension.
It follows therefore that for many people a change in their eating habits will allow them to comprehensively deal with hypertension.
You need to eat food that is rich in fiber like fresh fruits and vegetable and eschew consuming refined wheat flour, polished rice, red meat and any food that contains excessive fat or sugar.

Nature is plentiful in its bounties for mankind, and there is a whole class of foods that actually helps You reduce blood pressure. For instance if one consumes a fistful of raw almonds on a daily basis, the monounsaturated fats contained therein help not only to lower cholesterol, but also reduce arterial inflammation. Similarly coconut water which is full of potassium and electrolytes is also known to lower hypertension in people who drink it. Turmeric, which is an extensively used condiment in South Asian recipe, is known to decrease inflammation throughout the body, thereby removing a major cause of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Thus we see that while it may be of benefit to the major drug and pharma-companies that we all be dependent upon chemical based drugs and medications to treat hypertension, there really is no reason why most people can’t deal with the situation naturally.
All that they need to do is to exercise moderately and eat right. Of course there will always be some cases where one may necessarily require medical treatment and advice to treat hypertension, but those are the exceptions.
Most of us just need to stay away from the excesses of modern living to keep hypertension at bay.

Hypertension is really a symptom of how we live our lives. If we take the right decisions we can easily overcome it.

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