Lifestyle Changes To Help With High Blood Pressure

In the United States, too often people reach for a pill as though that’s a magic bullet in terms of treating whatever condition they might have. This is true of most things. If we’re overweight, we want a pill we can take to help us lose weight. If we have high cholesterol, we want a pill to fix that. The same thing is true for high blood pressure, but the reality is that there are a number of things we can do at home, and as part of our daily lives and activities that can help reduce high blood pressure naturally. These high blood pressure remedies might not be terribly sexy or exciting, but they work, and that is what matters at the end of the day.


Watch Your Waist Line

If you’re a man, and your waist line is more than 40 inches, you’re at risk for high blood pressure. If you’re a woman, the upper limit is 35 inches. Note that Asian men and women tend to be of slighter build, so the numbers are somewhat different if you are Asian. For men, the line to be mindful of is 36 inches, and for women, it’s 32 inches.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is, of course, one of the best ways to reduce your waist line, but it helps your blood pressure in other ways, too.
A good cardio workout will lower your blood pressure notably.
Even regular walks will do the trick for you, go only for the most comfortable walking shoes for men that will protect your feet and ease your walks so at the end of the day your feet won’t sore.
As someone who has had a quadruple bypass and taken cardiac rehab, I can vouch for this firsthand, because they take your blood pressure both before you start your workout routine, and after you finish. Mine was consistently lower after the workout, from day one.

A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is important for all sorts of reasons. It’s good for your heart, it will help lower your cholesterol, and of course, it is a great natural blood pressure remedy too. Probably one of the best diets for overall heart health is the Mediterranean Diet. If you’ve never heard of it, this is a great place to start.

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