Live Near Airport? It Will Affect Your Health

Live near the airport? You should check your blood pressure: a British study, which examined more than 3.5 million people living near airports, found that increased risk by 20% die from heart attacks, stroke and vascular disease. The reason for the project is estimated aircraft noise raises blood pressure.
Please note that large-scale British study, which involved millions of subjects, found an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases among those living close to the airport. The study was published in the journal BMJ considered.

During the study, data were collected to 3.6 million people living in 12 counties outside London, near Heathrow International Airport.
The researchers examined regions where the aircraft noise exceeds 50 decibels, this is the noise level of a normal conversation between people in a quiet room.

Results showed that the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease and other vascular higher by 10% to 20% in these areas suffer from high levels of aircraft noise compared to other places.
Researchers removed variables that might have influenced the results, such as poor nutrition, a history of heart disease and vascular or smoking.

A separate study, also published in the new issue of the BMJ, showed a high rate of hospital admissions due to heart problems in people living near to 89 airports in the United States.

Head of the research team, Dr. Anne Hensel Imperial College, explained that the direct cause of morbidity and mortality following exposure to aircraft noise is not yet clear, but according to hypotheses aircraft noise may cause a rise in blood pressure, known as a risk factor for heart disease and blood vessels. Further hypothesis raised researchers is that the noise causes sleep disorders, also known as a risk factor of morbidity and mortality.

In an editorial accompanying the study, wrote Professor Stephen Mansfield Queen Mary University of London that “the results suggest that exposure to aircraft noise has a direct impact on the health of those who are close to him. The city planners take this into account, as they intend to build airports close to cities, or build cities next to aircraft noise. “

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