Problems with Common High Blood Pressure Solutions

They call high blood pressure “the silent killer” but how doctors treat high blood pressure when it is diagnosed has its own set of problems that go with it. There are more than 225 different types of medical prescriptions that are used to treat high blood pressure, each of them with their own side effects. In some cases, the prescribed solution can be worse than the problem.


Medicating the Problem

Take the drug Metoprolol. It is commonly used by doctors to keep a person’s blood pressure down when they have recently had a heart attack. The problem comes in when the patient’s blood pressure begins to get too low. Low by medical standards is anything that is 90/60 when taken by a doctor or nurse. That is when you get dizzy, faint, or even depressed. With Metoprolol, it drops your blood pressure quickly, so the side effects happen so quickly there may not be time to do anything about it. Yes, it can create a dangerous situation.

Doctors will explain that they start you off on a low dose, and then gradually increase it over time. But if the lowest dosage of Metoprolol still creates these dangerous side effects, you are back to square one and another medication will be prescribed. With more than 225 drugs to choose from, finding the right drug that will keep your blood pressure under control might take some time.

Proceeding with Caution

There are other drugs such as Lisinopril that act more slowly and have fewer side effects. This presents the other side of the problem, with a patient having to take a longer period of time to get their blood pressure under control. The risks involved with continuing to have high blood pressure are the same with or without medication.

A Real Solution

The high blood pressure remedies offered in many cases fall short of what the person needs to solve the problem. Many medical problems can be brought in line simply by managing your diet and having a regular exercise routine. Most doctors will agree with this even as they are writing the prescription for your medication. A real solution can be found by combining the knowledge of modern medicine with taking responsibility for your own health.

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