Researchers Found: Unexpected Food Combination that Lowers Blood Pressure

For many years talking up the Mediterranean diet, which includes fish, olive oil, whole grains and a variety of vegetables. New research reveals that this is not just a collection of healthy dishes, but creates a chemical reaction between the components leading to material actually reduces blood pressure which is very stressful especially on your kidneys and ca lead to kidney disease.

Is the diet will also lead to the discovery of new drugs?


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What is the Secret of the Mediterranean Diet?

Scientists claim that it is the combination of the overall salad greens and olive oil.
When these two food groups meet, they say, are formed fatty acids reduce blood pressure.

Unsaturated fat from olive oil’s forces with nitrite in vegetables, according to a study conducted in mice. According to the researchers, even the combination of avocados and nuts, olive oil and not only will lead to the same effect.

The Mediterranean diet incorporates the effects of the traditional cuisines of Greece, Spain and Italy, and is attributed to the ability to positively affect the health and especially the function of the heart.

It includes a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains , olive oil, nuts, fish and chicken – instead of red meat, butter or animal fat (all of which are eliminated on the Hibloderox Remedy Solution.

Each component such course menu nutritional benefits, but researchers have not been able to figure out what underlies the success of the system as a whole.

Now believe Professor Philip Eaton from King’s College in London, along with colleagues at the University of California in the United States, that this is a chemical reaction between components that creates a unique fatty acid nitrite.

In their study, which was funded by the British organization for heart health, the researchers used genetically modified mice aimed to examine the effects of fatty acids in the body.

The findings indicate that acid reduces blood pressure by blocking an enzyme called Epoxide Hydrolase.

“This enzyme is also found in humans,” said Professor Eaton in a BBC interview, “so we think we need a similar effect. Explains why a healthy Mediterranean diet even though it contains fat. This is nature’s defense mechanism, and if we can figure it we to find new drugs to treat hypertension and to prevent heart disease.

The researchers plan to further examine the issue in humans.

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