Rice Diet Will Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Want to lower blood pressure and avoid the medication?
You might as well eat – according to the Rice Diet!

In a study: 62% of participants were able to lose their blood-pressure-lowering medications altogether or significantly lower their dose.

“Rice Diet” and practicing yoga and meditation were found to be more efficient in reducing blood pressure than other well known healthy diets that mainly recommended an overall reduction in salt intake.


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A comparative study conducted at the “Assaf Harofeh Medical Center” found that 62 percent of participants in the workshop that followed the Rice Diet stopped or reduced their medication after they balanced blood pressure.
The results were approximately two times higher than in those who ate a low-sodium food and low-fat diets.

The study examined 135 participants aged 30 to 70, who suffered from hypertension and most of them needed medical treatment.
The control group was treated according to accepted guidelines and maintained a low sodium diet and eating low-fat dairy.

They conducted a four-month workshop including lectures on walking and other healthy habits.
Members of the study group underwent a four-month workshop developed at the Center for Complementary Medicine Services at Assaf Harofeh included rice diet, yoga, Qigong, meditation and walking daily.

The change was felt in two weeks

Among all workshops, the participants in the rice diet significantly decreased blood pressure and 62 percent of the participants reduced their medication dose or stopped taking their medications altogether, during treatment after their blood pressure leveled off.

Compared with 30 percent of participants in the control group.

Also, the rice diet group reached the target values in less time: Within two to three weeks, compared with the control group reached target values within 7 or 8 weeks.

Results of the rice diet over time

In tests conducted six months to a year from the workshop, found that 70 percent of participants in both groups maintained outcomes and healthy blood pressure.

Subjects completed a questionnaire which asked to rate their quality of life following the workshops.
Among participants in the rice-diet were recorded significantly higher scores.

The Rice Diet is recognized worldwide for decades and in the past, before the drug invented to treat hypertension, although only used as a treatment for the disease.

However, the diet has not been studied scientifically.
The method developed in parallel with some states and used in the United States, the CIS countries and in some European countries.

The author of the research: “results were surprising”

What did the participants eat except for rice?
Ophir Vogel, naturopath, head of naturopathy clinic and workshop, explains:
“The first week eating only rice and dairy products including fresh pasta made from rice, rice cakes, and rice milk and drink only water and herbal tea. The first week is very challenging, but one of the fun things for people to see is that they are not limited in quantity, eat as much as they want and not feel hungry.

Each week we were expanding the menu a different food group in a specified order. Initially​, add some vegetables, then fruit with the goal at the end of the four months of the workshop to reach a full menu.

“I admit that at first I thought the idea was ridiculous,” says Dr. Shai Efrati, director of research and development unit Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, “but I agreed to make a systematic research on the subject. I did not believe it would work, but the results surprised even me. ”

However, he noted that “This diet was conducted under medical supervision. Early days of the workshop there are sharp drops in blood pressure and needed medical guidance so we can change the doses of drugs for hypertension. The rice diet can be a horror experience for people with digestive or absorption problems, and we needed to address that.”

Additional Benefits of the Rice Diet

Dr. Dan Keret, a physician and leading naturopathic doctor who participated in the study noted that:
“Additional benefits expected to the participants of t​he program are, in part, weight loss, improvement in diabetes control and improved sexual function.
When eliminating blood pressure lowering drugs, reducing the risk of heart disease, reducing cancer risk and improvement in mood as a result of an experience of self-healing and health upgrades.”​

Further Research Coming Up

Amos Ziv, head of research at the Integrated Medicine Institute says:
“It’s hard to define precisely​ which element of this intervention, rice diet, yoga, meditation or Qigong brought the lower blood pressure change.
We are now conducting further research that may answer the question. The study is expected to be published soon in one of the medical journals in the world.”

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