Short Circuiting High Blood Pressure

In a recent report by the company Boston Scientific, the company says it has enrolled its first patient for a trial to test out its high blood pressure therapy technology. The developed technology is one that many of the biggest and most respected medical manufacturers have been pursuing for some time. They have arrived at a point to take the technology off the drawing board and into the lives of patients.

A Renal Focus

The technology involves burning off nerves that are located around the kidneys with the goal that interrupting the nervous system signals will reduce a patient’s blood pressure. The procedure known as renal denervation, now needs to be tested on people. Should the results be highly successful in a laboratory environment, there will be a new and highly profitable way for doctors to treat high blood pressure.

Medicine and Science

Though there seems to be an unsettling focus on the money to be made from such technology, there is no doubt that renal denervation will likely save millions of lives of people who suffer from dangerously high blood pressure levels. One reason for pursuing this technology is that doctors generally agreed that administering prescription medications were in many cases inadequate to satisfactorily control high blood pressure levels. Hypertension is responsible for both strokes and heart disease, two of the major causes of death around the world.

A Second Chance

While all this sounds like excellent news for sufferers of hypertension, an initial attempt a year ago to prove the renal denervation therapy works, failed. A critical hurdle for the medical manufacturers is to provide test results that will get approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Boston Scientific says it has created a more stringent approach that will satisfy the FDA. Should this second round of tests fail, the future of renal denervation will be up in the air for some time, as major medical manufacturers will be forced to re-evaluate the promise that was once held.

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