The Importance of Heartbeats

People tend to pay more attention to their heart these days as the medical news is always coming up with the different ways the heart can become damaged. Smoking has been constantly under attack over the last few years, a while stressful lifestyle has been discouraged for decades. Then there is the issue of a poor diet, whether it is in countries that are in poverty or the top tier countries that have an abundance of foods to ruin their health with by becoming obese.


The Link

The link between these common medical issues is they all result in high blood pressure when practiced as a lifestyle. That high blood pressure needs to be understood from the view of the heart as a muscle because that is what it is. For obvious reasons, it is the one muscle in your body you do not want to neglect. You wouldn’t think of having a surgeon do a bicep or triceps transplant, so why think of your heart as something that is repairable?

The Effects of High Blood Pressure on Heartbeats

What happens if you overwork a muscle is that it gets tired and often causes you pain. High blood pressure causes your heart to work harder to do the same things you do during a normal day or week. The increased pressure comes from your heart having to pump blood throughout the body, but passes through narrowed arteries or over a greater area, like when you are overweight. This increased activity causes your heart to beat faster. Compare this to the very low heart rates of runners and marathoners whose heart works hard, but with fewer heartbeats. Your brain knows that your heart cannot just take a day or two off and not circulate blood, so it makes it work harder every minute of every day as long as the condition exists.

Suggested Solutions

There are people who look for quick solutions and high blood pressure remedies. The first step is to adjust your lifestyle and bring the problem areas under control. For example, there is a big difference between smoking one cigarette a day versus a pack. Snacking on salt laden and fatty snack foods once or twice a week is far different than making it a daily feature of your diet. In addition to this first step, there are high blood pressure remedies that have been proven to work in conjunction with adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet. As for a quick fix, consider the fact that it took years to get to the point you are at now and how long of a time is reasonable for you to expect to reverse the trend.

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