The Worst Thing You Can Do If You Have High Blood Pressure

There are, of course, a great number of factors that determine your blood pressure. Stress is a big contributor, and Americans certainly have no shortage of that, but hands down, the single biggest contributor to what is almost an epidemic of high blood pressure in this country is diet. In general, Americans have a fairly unhealthy diet. We eat too much processed food because it’s cheaper and convenient, but it’s also loaded with sodium, MSG, and other chemicals that are known to raise blood pressure. If it was just an over-reliance on processed food though, we might be able to offset that with supplements, but the very worst aspect of the American diet is fast food.


Why Fast Food Is So Bad

Fast food is like the perfect storm of bad health. Until quite recently, we didn’t have a good understanding of just how bad it really was, but recent changes to the law in this country have made it a requirement that restaurants, including fast food franchises, begin to report on calorie count, fat content, and a host of other factors relating to the foods that they serve. Sadly, we now know that fast food is as bad for you as we all feared.

Not only is the calorie count on most of our favorite fast foods off the chart, but these staples of our diet are loaded with both sodium and fat. Sodium and fat are two major contributors to weight gain and weight retention, and as such, directly tied to high blood pressure, heart disease, and a whole host of other ailments that work to shorten our lifespans and make us unhealthy.

Probably the single biggest thing you can do then, if you are interested in a natural way to improve your health and lower your blood pressure, is to make dietary changes that include reducing the amount of processed foods you eat, and an outright elimination of fast foods. They are delicious, yes, but they are also deadly, especially if you already have heart disease and/or high blood pressure.

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